UTC – Chennai Railway

The last time I travelled in Indian Railways trains I was hearing a lot of news of bullet train to be introduced into the system very soon. That was more than three years back. Recently when I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai the discussions were still on about the Bullet train in between the fellow travellers.

But there was something that was new this time. Indian railway had introduced electronic ticket facility many years ago but for the long distance travellers and reserved tickets. This time I found that non-reserved tickets can also be carried in electronic format. That means you can carry your local journey un-reserved ticked as an e-ticket. Indian railway has provided a mobile app as a solution.


The new app UTS (Probably Un-reserved Ticketing System) provides all the ticket related facility to Central Railway zone recent RRB Chennai jobs also had some openings for ticketing. The app can be used to book, cancel, quick book ticket, check your booking history and other ticket related functions. The app can also be used to show your seasoned ticket to the TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner). The seasonal ticket stays in your mobile so that it can’t be misused.

Since mobile internet is still not as common in India, plus the connectivity is still not as reliable as it should be, the seasonal ticket can also be seen while you don’t have internet connectivity. Indian Railway has not launched this service all over the country but it is being tried and tested in Chennai suburban section, Mumbai Suburban section and Delhi-Palwal section as a starter. The learnings from this section will be helpful in implementing the new mobile app technology in full Indian Railway system

The app still has mixed reviews while some complaining it not working properly, but since it is just a start, an update is supposed to fix most of the issues.