USPS Mobile – Take USPS With You

Accept it or not, most of the people in your family or at least one person in your family does visit Post Office or any other USPS facility to get one or other thing done. Those who don’t visit will often visit USPS website for various purpose like tracking of consignment or looking for ZIP code.



Now USPS Mobile App can help you do a lot of the things on your mobile. It includes USPS tracking tool for tracking status of shipments sent through Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Certified Mail and some other services.



You can get easy access to My to register for a free account and see all your inbound USPS packages without having to enter any tracking number. Moreover a delivery alert can also be setup to know exactly when your package has been received. This feature comes handy while you are away from the delivery location and someone else is suppose to receive your package.

You can also find nearest USPS locations if you need to visit a post office or any collection box with an easy to filter location. Your nearest post office is always accessible to you through your GPS. The listed post offices also display their opening, closing hours, special hours and last collection time. Searching for a ZIP code for any address is also now easier using this app.

You can request Hold Mail service through the app if you are away for few days. Change of address service is still not available on the app, you have to do that from USPS website, you can find a step by step guide to fill free usps change of address form.

You can also scan the barcode on shipping labels and the app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number. and keeps you updated on its status.