Opera VPN: Free unlimited ad blocking VPN

Opera VPN: Free unlimited ad blocking VPN

Whenever you are on your iPad using your favorite app, the last thing you want to see is an Ad. Most of the free app providers are making money by showing you those ads. But it is not always welcomed by users to see those full screen ads between their activities. And then if you click on any advertisement, the re-targeting cookie keeps following you everywhere on your tab from browser to games, and from news app to mailing apps.

Then there are few countries which have blocked certain type of content and if you happened to be in one of such country, you feel the heat of not being allowed to access some interesting content.

Opera VPN tries to solve all of these problems for you, and actually it is free!

Opera VPN

So what all Opera VPN can do for you? Well, you can change your virtual location and then can unlock most of the content which has location lock. You can also stop trackers from following you around the web.

Opera VPN actually has five virtual locations (which are bound to increase) using these virtual locations, you can easily switch your location and unlock all the content. It is a fast and reliable VPN service with fast VPN servers

It also has built-in ad blocker and tracker blocking. By blocking the trackers, you can see enhancement in your battery life, free RAM of your iPad. Opera VPN makes it easier for you to focus on your work rather wasting time on not so important ads. Opera VPN is provided by SurfEasy which is an Opera company.