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How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

A locked iPhone is as good as worthless for thieves, but also in the used market. This leads according to a report of the motherboard in the US occasionally causes robbed iPhone owners “How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore” so unlocked iPhone then worth a multiple. This link, introduced in 2013, greatly reduced the attractiveness of the iPhone for thieves, but according to the article, criminals use a whole range of methods to unlock iOS devices.

How to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

Locked iPhones are not always stolen goods, they can be devices from bankruptcy, a cell phone operator or the owner has simply forgotten their Apple ID. You can even buy them legally on eBay, at temptingly low prices.

4 Ways to Unlock iPad Passcode Without Restore

For resale or use, the new owners not only need the device password, the iCloud password or Apple ID is particularly important. This is the only way to reset the iPhone and then register it for a new owner.

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Three methods would be used, but none of them are legal: You often try to find out the password from the previous owner or try to obtain unlocking by fraud in the Apple Store. The most complex method: There are workshops in China that can expand and reprogram a CPU.

A common method is a phishing attack on the ex-owner who has just been stolen, as we reported in 2017: Victims of a theft occasionally report phishing e-mails received shortly afterward: Allegedly from Apple support – the iPhone was found, a map shows where and the stolen person only has to enter their details.

According to the motherboard, there are whole groups of specialists, for example on Telegram, who exchange information about phishing methods and paid online services such as AppleKit and ProKit for phishing.

However, it is also important for the unlocker to query status information about an iPhone, for example, whether it has already been reported as stolen.

There are free internet services here. Information from Apple itself is apparently even more sought-after, with hackers allegedly often trying to access Apple’s service database GSX, which is intended for Apple employees.

The second method is to unlock it in the Apple Store, which requires a risky appearance in the store. An employee of the Apple Store can, in exceptional cases, remove the iCloud registration or request this from Apple – for example if you show a valid invoice for the iPhone. Only a manager can apply for a block to be lifted and only for 5 to 10 devices per day.

Criminals therefore apparently try more often to trick employees with false invoices, but sometimes an email request should work. Others also try to bribe the employees. However, this only works if a device has not already been reported as stolen.


These activities are apparently viewed very critically by some independent repair shops. Repair shops that specialize in Apple devices are currently trying to get Apple access to spare parts and information about devices – an initiative also known as the “right to repair”. The illegal unlocking activities would only confirm Apple’s intention to turn the iPhone into a closed system.

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