UTC – Chennai Railway

The last time I travelled in Indian Railways trains I was hearing a lot of news of bullet train to be introduced into the system very soon. That was more than three years back. Recently when I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai the discussions were still on about the Bullet train in between the fellow travellers.

But there was something that was new this time. Indian railway had introduced electronic ticket facility many years ago but for the long distance travellers and reserved tickets. This time I found that non-reserved tickets can also be carried in electronic format. That means you can carry your local journey un-reserved ticked as an e-ticket. Indian railway has provided a mobile app as a solution.


The new app UTS (Probably Un-reserved Ticketing System) provides all the ticket related facility to Central Railway zone recent RRB Chennai jobs also had some openings for ticketing. The app can be used to book, cancel, quick book ticket, check your booking history and other ticket related functions. The app can also be used to show your seasoned ticket to the TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner). The seasonal ticket stays in your mobile so that it can’t be misused.

Since mobile internet is still not as common in India, plus the connectivity is still not as reliable as it should be, the seasonal ticket can also be seen while you don’t have internet connectivity. Indian Railway has not launched this service all over the country but it is being tried and tested in Chennai suburban section, Mumbai Suburban section and Delhi-Palwal section as a starter. The learnings from this section will be helpful in implementing the new mobile app technology in full Indian Railway system

The app still has mixed reviews while some complaining it not working properly, but since it is just a start, an update is supposed to fix most of the issues.

Cougar Dating App

Cougar dating is getting bigger day by day. It is also growing as a market in mobile platform on a very high speed. Earlier there were few sites that were for cougar dating. Many of them came and go with the time, same is the case with mobile apps.

Cougar App1

There are few dating apps which are focussed on cougar dating. Cougar dating is more popular in France and known as Rencontre Cougar and site Rencontre cougar for the dating sites. One great app for cougar dating is available on Play Store named Cougar Dating For Older Women.

You can search for the members with custom search function. You can search within miles from you and use other custom functions. Most of the photos and profiles are verified.

The chat function helps you stay in touch with active members.

Similar apps are available on Apple platform also. We will be writing reviews for those apps also, some of these apps are currently on our testing list and we will be posting the review as soon as the testing is done from our side.

USPS Mobile – Take USPS With You

Accept it or not, most of the people in your family or at least one person in your family does visit Post Office or any other USPS facility to get one or other thing done. Those who don’t visit will often visit USPS website for various purpose like tracking of consignment or looking for ZIP code.



Now USPS Mobile App can help you do a lot of the things on your mobile. It includes USPS tracking tool for tracking status of shipments sent through Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Certified Mail and some other services.



You can get easy access to My USPS.com to register for a free account and see all your inbound USPS packages without having to enter any tracking number. Moreover a delivery alert can also be setup to know exactly when your package has been received. This feature comes handy while you are away from the delivery location and someone else is suppose to receive your package.

You can also find nearest USPS locations if you need to visit a post office or any collection box with an easy to filter location. Your nearest post office is always accessible to you through your GPS. The listed post offices also display their opening, closing hours, special hours and last collection time. Searching for a ZIP code for any address is also now easier using this app.

You can request Hold Mail service through the app if you are away for few days. Change of address service is still not available on the app, you have to do that from USPS website, you can find a step by step guide to fill free usps change of address form.

You can also scan the barcode on shipping labels and the app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number. and keeps you updated on its status.

Speed Test SpeedSmart

We all get that moment on our device when the data speed doesn’t feel like what we are supposed to get. And ISPs always seem to have various reasons to not accept your arguments. This is where Speed Test SpeedSmart is highly useful. You can check speed of your Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G and 3G. Having a global server network makes it easier to get much accurate result. They claim to have done over 200 Mn tests.


One of the finest feature it has to offer is that it keeps track of all your past results test, so it becomes much easier to see the variation over the time. The test is also concluded within 30 seconds unlike some other apps which take up to 2-3 minutes to conduct the test.

You can also see the results of your neighbourhood to see how your speed differs from others for the same ISP in your area.

A great feature is to set your default server so that you always know what your average speed for that server. This feature is handy for those people who always want to take test from the same server.

Find My iPhone – (And iPad)

As the name suggest, it is just not for the iPhone, you can find any of your Apple device like iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac and of course your iPad. If Find My Phone is installed in your iPad, you can use any Apple device to find your iPad. You can login to any Apple device and login with your Apple ID you use for your iCloud account and the app will help you locate the device on a map.

Once you have located your device and feel like it is not at a really expected place, you can easily play a sound on it, display a message, remotely lock it so that no one can access your private stuff and even you can wipe all the data from it (if really required). Play a sound function comes handy when you have actually lost it around yourself and if the device is in silent mode, playing a sound can help locate the device.

Find My Phone

More over that, the app has a Lost Mode feature. Lost Mode will lock your device with a passcode (so that it is not misused) and a custom message can be displayed on the lock screen along with a contact number so that anyone who finds the missing phone can gat back to you about the information of your phone.

It doesn’t get over here. If your phone has changed its locations then you can see that also from Find My Phone app. Recent location history is very useful if the phone is not at one place. To use all the functions, you must enable Find My Phone in your iCloud settings on your device. So it is set and forget.

There is one more feature that must be covered, in case you find your iPhone/iPad and you had sent an erase request, you can cancel the erase request if your phone was offline before it was found. So it gives one reason to not feel guilty after you realized that your phone just went missing and was not stolen.

Opera VPN: Free unlimited ad blocking VPN

Opera VPN: Free unlimited ad blocking VPN

Whenever you are on your iPad using your favorite app, the last thing you want to see is an Ad. Most of the free app providers are making money by showing you those ads. But it is not always welcomed by users to see those full screen ads between their activities. And then if you click on any advertisement, the re-targeting cookie keeps following you everywhere on your tab from browser to games, and from news app to mailing apps.

Then there are few countries which have blocked certain type of content and if you happened to be in one of such country, you feel the heat of not being allowed to access some interesting content.

Opera VPN tries to solve all of these problems for you, and actually it is free!

Opera VPN

So what all Opera VPN can do for you? Well, you can change your virtual location and then can unlock most of the content which has location lock. You can also stop trackers from following you around the web.

Opera VPN actually has five virtual locations (which are bound to increase) using these virtual locations, you can easily switch your location and unlock all the content. It is a fast and reliable VPN service with fast VPN servers

It also has built-in ad blocker and tracker blocking. By blocking the trackers, you can see enhancement in your battery life, free RAM of your iPad. Opera VPN makes it easier for you to focus on your work rather wasting time on not so important ads. Opera VPN is provided by SurfEasy which is an Opera company.